July 21, 2017


Signature  Summertime  Spa  Treatments


Post-Sun Express Relief Treatment

This is a wonderfully soothing treatment for sun-burned or sun sensitive skin of the décolleté, neck, chest and back. This treatment is cooling, soothing, desensitizing and hydrating. It helps to decrease the skin’s temperature, relieve redness and alleviate burning or stinging sensation on contact, as well as nourishing, conditioning and moisturizing dry, irritated and damaged skin.  (50 minutes)

Choose one of two treatments.

  • Intense Power Pack of Soymilk and Colloidal Oatmeal
  • Water Lily, Green Tea, Chamomile and Proline Amino Acid



Soothing & Cooling Summertime Facial

Restore summer skin with this luxurious and nourishing treatment.  This facial combines organic soothing and replenishing ingredients such as Vit C, Freeze-dried Seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Chamomile, Shea Butter and more.

The skin is gently cleansed, followed by a nutrient-rich masque, a soothing aromatic mist, a cool glass globes massage and then finished with a replenishing moisturizer.  The skin is left desensitized, re-hydrated, brighter and smoother.