September 14, 2016

Hair Removal

European Waxing

Featuring  Cirepil  high quality, low-temp hard and soft/strip waxes made of only the finest ingredients ! 

shutterstock_27474097Eyebrows   $14.00
Lip or Chin   $12.00
Nostrils or Ears   $8.00
Sideburns   $14.00
Neck   $20.00
Shoulders   $40.00
Full Back   $65.00
Underarms   $25.00
Forearms   $25.00
Full Arms   $45.00
Chest   $60.00
Abdomen   $40.00
Bikini   $40.00
Brazilian   $65.00
½ Legs   $40.00
Full Legs   $75.00

NOTE: Combination treatments available upon consultation



** Coming Soon !

EpilFREE is a hair removal alternative to laser.  EpilFREE is a unique, natural and patented European permanent hair reduction system with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations and cost.  It is a natural and scientific solution for unwanted hair that works with waxing, making it suitable for everyone – male and female, any skin tone or hair color – including blonde, grey, red and even fine vellus hair. (NOTE: because the serum does contain some active ingredients, the manufacturer does NOT authorize use on pregnant and breast-feeding women.)

The ingredients are 82% natural (mostly herbs) and 18% safe synthetics.  It is not one single ingredient that renders the hair follicle useless, but the exact combination of ingredients that kills the hair follicle.  EpilFREE has been tested, in France, and found to be hypoallergenic.

Like laser hair removal, a series of 6 – 12 treatments is generally needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas.  This is due to the way that hair grows in stages, with only about 10% -15% of hair – on any part of the body – in the growth stage at any one time.  The exact number of treatments varies with treatment area and each individual.

There are three separate systems – Facial, Intimate and Body.  Treatments are priced according to systems, and are additional to price of waxing services.

Facial: lip, chin, brows and sideburns   $18

Intimate: bikini, brazilian, underarms and abdomen   $25

Body: large areas of the body, such as legs, arms, back and chest   $30